Blair Drummond Safari Park

Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling, was opened to the public in 1970. The park covers an area of over 120 acres and features, amongst other things, a boat safari, drivethrough reserves and a free safari bus.

Wildlife Reserves

The most exciting activity at the Park has to be The Reserves. Visitors can drive through the reserve areas in their own cars and see different animals roaming free. Animals included in these reserves are; African lions, Siberian tigers, American bison, ostriches, Southern white rhinoceros and fallow deer.

The Attractions

There are so many attractions at the Park, from viewing the animals, sea-lion shows, Bird of Prey displays and much more. A lot of these attractions are free and included in the admission price.

You can take a boat trip to Chimp Island, which is home to the chimpanzees. An experienced guide gives you information on the chimps, as they sit and watch you watching them.

The Sea-Lion Show is available to watch at four different times during the day. Watch one of the sea-lion keepers interact with these intelligent animals as they clap, leap and play.

Watch the park’s experienced Falconers demonstrate and explain the birds of prey capabilities, as they fly over the loch. Sometimes visitors get the chance to see the park’s white-tailed sea-eagle snatch a lure from the loch. Other birds on display include the harrier hawk, buzzard, eagle owl, barn owl, kestrel, saker falcon and Rüppell’s Griffon vulture. The display is available to watch at three different times a day.

Lemur Land was opened in 2007 and here you can see ring-tailed, common brown and red ruffed lemurs roaming free. Enjoy watching them play in the tall bushy trees and on the network of thick ropes. Several feed tables allow the visitor to get close to the lemurs.

As well as animal related activities, there are also other amusements in the Park, including a large astraglide slide, pedal boats, a pirate ship and climbing maze with slides and the Flying Fox, where you can fly over the water to the other side.

There are also a few attractions that are not included in the admission fee, including a bouncy castle, fun fair and face painting. These are all paying attractions.

Blair Drummond Safari Park - Mission Statement

Provide a first-class experience for all its visitors and further promote their understanding and respect for animals and the environment.

Continue to support, participate and raise public awareness of global and local conservation initiatives.

Demonstrate its commitment to preserving world resources through best working practices.