Museum of the Isles

The award winning Museum of the Isles takes you through the history of the Highlands and Islands, with the story of its most powerful clan, Clan Donald.

The story is a little known one, even by many Scots. It starts with the ancient settlers and moves onto the time of Dalriada, the Celtic Church, to Norse and to Somerled. Somerled was the man who displaced Norse power in Western Scotland and the Islands and through one of his grandsons, started a dynasty, which became Clan Donald.

The museum comprises of six interconnecting galleries with each one telling a different part of the Clan Donald story. Temporary exhibitions are housed in a seventh gallery.

A part of the museum serves as the Clan Donald Library and Study room. It holds over 7,000 books, covering Scottish culture & history, natural history, topography and biography.

Address: Armadale Castle Gardens, Armadale, Sleat, Isle of Skye, IV45 8RS
Tel: 01599 534454
Opening hours:

April - October: Open daily 09:30 - 17:30