Scalloway Museum

Scalloway Museum is divided into different sections, with artefacts covering all aspects of life and the history of the area. Scalloway in Ancient Times includes information relating to Scalloway Castle, vikings and the witch trials; Industrial Scalloway looks at fishing, retailing and local business development; Scalloway At War is a tribute to the resistance movement that operated between Norway and Scalloway during World War Two, plus its main feature, a Shetland Bus exhibition; Scalloway Community follows the lives of different local people. There is also a children’s area that features a viking longship, a castle and a model Shetland Pony.

The museum has a gift shop that sells local craft items and souvenirs. Refreshments are available at the viewing area of the Castle and harbour.

Address: Castle Street, Scalloway, Shetland Islands, ZE1 0TP
Tel: 01595 880 734

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May - September: Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 16:00 Sunday 14:00 - 16:00