Staffin Museum

Staffin Museum was founded and curated by Dugald Ross in the late 1970s and houses a fine collection of local geological and fossil specimens, as well as artefacts illustrating the prehistory and social history of Trotternish.

It is a community-based museum in the village of Ellishadder, which is on the eastern coast of the Trotternish peninsula, near the Kilt Rock.

The museums most famous items are dinosaur fossils which were discovered close by. Take a look at the fossil leg bones of a large saruopod dinosaur and a thyreophoran dinosaur (an armoured dinosaur that may have been a Stegosauras).

Address: 6 Ellishadder, Staffin, Isle of Skye, IV51 9JE
Tel: 01470 562 321
Opening hours:

May - September: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10:30 - 13:00

(dates and times change so call before visiting)